This «culture» needs to be smashed!


Moroccan media have reported that some boys from the Moroccan Youth Football Team harassed 3 Swedish 16 years old girls at the opening ceremony of the Gothia Cup in Sweden. The story is confirmed by Swedish media, including the newspaper Expressen. We have written about this phenomena with sexual harrasement in an earlier blogpost.

The three girls were allegedly surrounded by members of the football team that wanted to take pictures with them, which they agreed to. Unfortunately, it was followed by grouping, kissing and sexual harassment. Such behavior is sadly a common phenomenon in many countries. This kind of «uncultured» behavior is  deeply rooted in certain local cultures, which leads one to «know» that it is wrong but still considered the boys’ misconducts as a kind of «cute» and goes along with the «boys will be always boys» mentality. With the advent of social media such incidents become viral phenomena that spread quickly. Having the right perception and understanding about the ugliness and the consequences of such misbehavior is important and a key factor to deal with this issue.

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A worthy struggle for freedom

imageDear all, Oslo Freedom Forum 2016 kicked off on 23 May. The program is extensive, with speakers with many exciting backgrounds, from many different countries and from different layers of the society.

We «know» the Oslo Freedom Forum, hereby called OFF, as a political right-project. There are number of stories about the founder, Thor Halvorsen, and his activities in Venezuela. But what is true and not true about Thor Halvorsen, as a person is actually not so interesting when it comes to this conference and its contents.

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En verdig frihetskamp


For English
Kjære alle sammen. Oslo Freedom Fourm 2016 ble sparket igang 23. Mai. Programmet er omfattende, med foredragsholdere med mange spennende bakgrunner fra mange ulike land og fra ulike lag i samfunnene

Vi «kjenner» Oslo Freedom Forum, herved kalt OFF som et høyreside-prosjekt. Det verserer en rekke historier om grunnleggeren, Thor Halvorsen, og hans aktiviteter opp mot Venezuela. Hva som er sant og ikke sant om personen Thor Halvorsen er faktisk ikke så interessant når det gjelder denne konferansen og innholdet.

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